Wednesday, 21 July 2010


word of the holiday

So I've been back a few days from my holiday and have now recovered enough to write my first blog since my return! Ayia Napa or - 'Aiya Aiya Aiya fucking Napa' was THE best week of my life and I really did not want to go home. I barely slept all week, but it was so worth it.

The night life is insane, on the first night me and Fran walked up to the strip and we're just like :O when we saw what it was like. I hadn't really known what to expect to be honest, but now it's going to make going out in Derby town even more crap than it was before.

We spent the first few days at the beach which is actually amazing. It's the prettiest beach I've ever seen, with clear water which you can just walk out in for ages. I got stung by a jelly fish on the second day though ouch ouch ouch. Luckily didn't have to be weed on and the guy who sold the umbrellas and sun loungers at the beach had some cream. 

Met some awesome people who I won't forget whilst we were out there also. I even got hypothetically married on the last night so I'd say it was pretty eventful ha. It's always nice whilst it lasts but got to get back to reality at some point, although I do wish it had been later than I had to.

Most nights staying out until the sun rose and longer just appreciating the freedom. Went on a moped for the first time, which felt a lot safer than I thought it would and I loved it! Went to the water park one day, which was amazing! Tried new things and had some hilarious times. Me and Fran were so tired at the airport on the way back we were in hysterics about a wobbly table for so long, finally fell asleep after 35 hours of being awake Sunday night. 


Also, whatever was living in my walls before I went away has officially fucked off. Thank you very much.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Firsts are usually better

Tonight I went to see Sex and the City 2 with Bethy and to be honest it wasn't amazing. Kind of lacked a story line and was mainly about marriage - me and Bethy have decided we're too mental for anyone to want to marry us anyway so we couldn't pick up many tips. The first Sex and the City was much better and usually the first of things are.

Anyway, whilst we're on first's I thought I'd share my first poem, well not my first ever poem because I've been writing since I was even diddier than I am now, but the first one I wrote 'seriously' so to speak. I used this poem for my Spoken English final which was described as a member of Sixth Form office as 'hippy' for using one of my own. I'll let you decide what you think but for me it's about dreams and fears. The title is a play on words from the title of a famous poem by Wilfred Owen which I studied in Year 12.

Happy Are Those Who Treasure Imagination.

Linguistic tounges litter the air
with rumours of a far off tale
these are the times where we choose not to care
flammable dreams, bound to fail 
the spirit within us which allows us to fly
wings that can't spread are cast aside
cotton, light clouds, a shimmering sky
tossing and turning, flung off the ride
it shatters, disperses breaking the ice
dream ridden haze, convulsing malice
ponies, zebras, dragons and mice
robbers with princes thieved from the palace 
shimmering stars mistaken for eyes
petals fall onto dewy meadows
ribbons round hearts create the ties
golden locks shaped on pillows
acknowledge love scarring the world
among frozen minds that linger on
scorned, adored, cherished and swirled
fluttering butterflies shall never be gone.

But sometimes firsts aren't always better. We can learn a lot from our 'first's' - like our first love, first fight, first best friend and in this case - first poem. I think I learnt from writing this how much you can express in such a personal manner through such few words and although it may not be life changing literature it is a tiny something which makes up who I am. Everyday is a learning experience, we learn from making mistakes and I know I'm not perfect. I'm trying to be the best I can and I guess that's all anyone can do. As for that moral goes - I also wouldn't bother going to see Sex and the City 2 unless you're not paying and is it just me or does Carrie get dressed horribly by wardrobe?


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Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Little Eaton Carnival.
The event of the village.

Since I moved to Little Eaton I have gone every year with friends. It's the biggest event that happens in the village and lasts all week - from the Crowning of the Carnival Queen to Wild, Wet and Wacky finishing with the actual Carnival with parade and band on the Saturday. It's a proper villagy event and I love it :) 

Every year I take pictures and it's funny comparing how stuff has changed. For example:

Me and the brother face 

Good old Martin on his stilts 

If you have a Carnival near you, it's always a fun thing to go to even if you think it's a bit sad. Me and Bethy did the 3 legged race this year, unfortunately didn't win, but we didn't come last! It's always amusing. If I'm in the area I'll try and come back every year. So if there are any Carnivals near you, just go! You might be surprised how fun they are, enter a balloon race, eat some good food, ride the carousel and Bethy even won a candy spray pop.

What a legend


Sunday, 4 July 2010

I'm in smile soil night

It feels like since exams have ended it's been so busy, but it feels weird to not actually have to be doing revision. If I'm just sat about watching scrubs I'm like hmm, I really should be revising right now OH YEAH no I don't. Wednesday night was really fun, didn't actually end up getting back to Bethy's until 5.15am when it was light, work was not fun the next day. It was such 'a funny', and we ended up telling everyone that some lesbians weren't invited to the wedding, Bethy started licking everyone, I loved Nad, we had to climb a mountain, said we were getting arrested - when we weren't, raved in a taxi cab and took pictures with plant pots. Definitely a sign of a good night out. 

Mr Hussain, the raving taxi man

Mr plant pot

Us conquering mountains

We did actually start out civilized. I think I need photographic evidence to prove it.

So yeah, exams are over and Summer begins which has so far mainly existed of work, chores, and lazing about with friends. AYIA NAPA a week today though, it has really creeped up on me but I am so incredibly excited! 

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Red pen

So I picked up my red pen off the bedroom floor and began to write:

Forwards or Backwards

Sometimes we all get lost
stumbling through the dark
though it can depend on just how lost
if you can find that lightening spark.

Something that can bring you back
fighting to find your way
laying down an empty track
paved by a sunshine ray.

Someone who could hold your hand
or offer you a smile
just a quiet conversation
to amuse your mind a while.

Somewhere things are going well
or the opposite you'll find
just take a moment, time to dwell
it's a questioning of the mind.


Don't walk under that ladder

Tomorrow is my last exam, finally, and it got me thinking about superstition. Probably not the wisest think to be thinking about when my exam is on US and world politics, but there you go. 

I have this lucky purse, I don't remember where I got it from, but I have it and it's full of so called 'lucky' things. It contains a lucky black elephant (life size of course) given to me by the Mother who was given it her my Great Grandma which I keep in a little white pouch inside the purse, 3 squashed coins, a pair of clogs and a bone carved by my Grandad, a four leaf clover badge, a miniature pair of silver ballet shoes, a silver heart and four leaf clover and a blue turkish eye. 

So, to someone else they'd mean absolutely nothing, but to me they mean a lot. I can't help but think, that when I passed my driving test I had the purse on me in person but on the others I'd just left it in the boot. Coincidence, most likely, and that's what I'd rule it off as normally but it just seems that whenever I have it thinks go well. It's probably just a weird confidence boost or coincidence, but who knows. Over the years I have been inundated with 'good luck' charms, especially from the Mother who obviously thought I needed more luck in life, but these charms are the ones that have stuck.

I never care about walking under a ladder, or which way the black cat crossed the road. I don't believe in fate, although I'd like to and I don't believe I have a destiny (presuming it's a different thing?!). I think we make the decisions, consciously changing our path everyday through our actions. Although I've got to admit, I do believe in my lucky purse, even if it's just a bit. After all, I need all the luck I can get for these exams.

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Friday, 25 June 2010

Birds in walls

So this is going to be a random blog, full of well, random things from the week.

- I learnt what a samaritan does. Dan Rowling aka 'The Shrimpdude' (a fellow blogger) after reading a previous rambling blog of mine informed me that it is in fact someone that people call when they want to commit suicide. As not funny as the matter is, I can't help but smile at the fact the poster with the number on is pinned up at the BOTTOM of a bridge. It'd be a bit late then don't you think?

- I have something living in my walls. It's actually driving me crazy, last night I was shattered after work and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Instead there was a constant ruffling/munching/scratching kind of sound coming from my walls. The mother thinks it's a bird, I thought it might be a mouse. I don't really care. I just want it to be dead.

mmm, dead bird

- I like my job. I've been working there a few weeks now and I used to hate my old job. It makes a nice change to actually enjoy going to work, and I get paid. Always a bonus. I don't really like the old men saying 'what did you do to him you've knackered him out' about my best friend in an insinuating manner or the sort of crazy criminal guy who chats me up but I love Manny (one of the owners), the rest of the people I work with are cool and most of the locals amuse me. Good times really.

- I have made more colourful spider diagrams about American Politics than I ever want to make again in my life. They are currently swamping my room and I actually cannot wait to have my final exam on Wednesday 30th June and go out with my Boyfriend aka Bethy and drink, Scream and have an old school sleepover. Best sleepover ever was after Bethy's Rubik Cube party last year - now that was a funny.

Wow, we look young
'I wasn't even blonde then'

- I've had one of those weeks where I have been all over the place about pretty much everything and now I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel with Summer round the corner, but don't you just find that those last few steps are so hard to take? I'm making myself work as much as I can before I crash out on Wednesday but it just makes me so jealous of all the people who've finished already - damn you! Instead me and Bethy just sat musing on the park, watching planes and the moon get bigger and brighter whining about not being finished yet until we were joined by Park Chris and Coop guy, then we made a swift exit. Better than revision though. Oh and Bethy said she wants to 'you know be a police person' ie. a Police officer. So I'd watch out, because she'll arrest anyone for me as I've had her back in the past.

So yes, there's my five bullet points of random to round off my friday night. I am now going to engross myself in an episode of 'Teachers' which is currently amusing me, then just hope that whatever is in my walls withers and dies very soon.

So I typed in random, and well, this came up. Nice.

EURGH, this thing in my wall is driving me mental.

As I always share my poems ha, I just wrote this random one to my friend in a message, one of my masterpieces I think.

funnies funnies funnies for you
funnies to share like eating poo
or talking on parks with a muffin or 2
the park is fun they never knew :)

ALSO for anyone reading do SHUT and PUT rhyme? Feel free to comment your opinion, been having a debate about it tonight over la facebook. I told you this blog was random.

Trying to sleep but there is a sound,
a rustling, a scraching, forever around,
might be a bird, a rat or a fox?
might be a mouse or jack in his box.
talk to your wall as fran suggests,
or making a hole to let it free might be equally best,
just hope it sleeps and goes away
otherwise bethy'll be round to arrest it. HOOORAAAYYY :)

- By Bethy Would.

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Monday, 21 June 2010


So life is a bit manic at the moment, so for anyone who just knows what it's like to feel well a bit indescribable I thought I'd share a poem I wrote which tries to find the optimism in life.


A scattered heart sailed off to sea
to find a better part of me
Thoughts and dreams were left revealed
commotion should have stayed concealed
Once opened, it should have shut
clouds floating should stay put
Lingering trails across a mind
pieces left too hard to find
Optimism may lead me astray
but maybe 'It'll get better' starts today.


Sunday, 20 June 2010


So I didn't know that the World Cup was in South Africa and I have currently been disowned by the family. Then again, why would I? I've never shown any interest in football and I'm not about to start now. In fact, it's not that I just don't show an interest I'm pretty much against the whole 'sport'.

Why on earth should mindless idiots get paid the ridiculous amount they do for kicking a ball around for a bit? Their one job is to get the football in the net/defend their goal and they can't even do that properly. They are grossly overpaid, egotistical little boys who in this financial climate cannot possibly justify their wages and the amount of money clubs spend. The financial side of the game is just a joke, with clubs running up debts which they'll never get out of and the pathetic supporters just keep on funding it by paying the increasing fees. I also think they are terrible role models, the conduct many of them display on the pitch is pathetic and for the millions of young boys who admire them hardly a good example.

What a knob.

Then there are the 'wags'. Stupid, fake women whose only ambition in life was to marry a footballer to gain this title. Plastered all over the crappy glossy magazines which melt millions of brains with their pointless pages. How have these talented idiots earnt their fame?

Football. Another part of our societies culture which I refuse to buy into and for anyone who agrees with me, welcome to what seems to be the ever increasing minority of us. 

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Teenage Drama


So I was one of the kids who was completely taken in my Skins, admittedly the first two seasons were better than the next two but I've always been a fan - particularly of Kaya Scodelario, the only character to star in all four seasons. I can't really say why and I've never really been bothered by celebrities before but I found her interesting on and off screen.


She photographs beautifully and I was inspired by her style and individuality finding it hard to believe that she was bullied at school before she got the role as Effy Stonem in Skins. She is a year younger than me but courtesy of wikipedia I've learnt that she lived independently in London from 2008-2010 and now lives with her boyfriend and friends in Manchester making me jealous of her independence. I'll definitely miss her on the new series of Skins which I shall no doubt spend several mind numbing hours watching next year. Skins film is meant to be on the way too, it'll be interesting to see how that turns out.