Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I've spent 3 hours today revising for my English Literature exam next Tuesday and I am now officially bored. You would think that because I enjoy writing, reading and poetry that English would be a subject of great enjoyment for me. Wrong. It's really not. I have made myself sit down and learn the comparisons between 'Paradise Lost' - the famous epic poem written in 1667 by John Milton which you will no doubt have heard of and should never bother reading and 'Duchess of Malfi' - a tragic play written by John Webster performed in 1613 resulting in uninteresting, pointless deaths. I suppose if you're interested in English then it might be enjoyable studying Satan's leadership qualities and comparing favourably or disdainfully in comparison to the incestuous Ferdinand. For me, history and politics - my other subjects I'm studying at A level will always be more interesting.

Nevertheless, although it feels like 3 hours wasted as it bored me out of my skull, it has made me feel more confident about the exam and hopefully not 3 hours which could have been spent more productively as I constantly keep reminding myself that after the 15th June I NEVER have to do English Literature again.

So time, how we choose to spend it makes us the people we are today so it must be spent wisely. Time is something which I'm sure preoccupies millions of peoples thoughts, I think I've heard countlessly 'If only I had the time I'd....' and it's true, we obsess about what we'd do if we had the time to do it. Who says we can't though? We can make time if really want something surely? We make time to shower, eat, drink so why can't we make time for things that aren't just necessities. Obviously we're restrained by school, jobs, relationships - I'm not naive enough to say that compromises shouldn't be considered and we should be selfish, only do as we please because then the world would wreak with havoc but people should make more time for themselves.

We live in a society driven by power, ambition, greed. People constantly strive to better themselves in the work place or school - forgetting other things which they'd perhaps like to do more, spending their time unwisely. Although it might sound completely cliché  - time is precious and after all they are called cliché's for a reasons. I wrote a poem a while back when I think I was obsessing over time - so here it is.

Seconds Left

Back and forth, to and fro
Storm, rainbow, sunshine row
Float a lullaby down the stream
Close your eyes forget to dream
Drowsy syrup flies you away
But your deepest desires are here to stay
Drama in paradise has shattered ways
Struggle away from sulphur haze
Energize fears through creamy skies
Just watch the clock, time flies.

Lyrics are always conveying thoughts about time, along with the typical heartbroken writings of many authors, or these days just general club crap - 'THE CLUB IS ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC' - Really? No shit. I thought a club was meant to be silent. So whilst I try and block out this booming sound from my brother's room (who I am currently taking pity on due to his recent operation) I remember lyrics which actually have some sort of meaning to them from a song I love.

Find the Time
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

We make lists 
We make plans
To write books
To form bands
Or to move to Kreuzburg
In the middle of the night

So pack your bags 
Let's take control
You and me
Let's go
The next time you're lonely
Or the next time that you're free

So why?
So why?
So why?
If we can make the plans 
Can we just not find the time?

It's completely true, and we're all guilty of it. So I say, if you want to do something badly enough, you should find the time, because you're not always going to have it at your dispense. We can't go back in time as we so often wish, don't own a Bernard's watch to use at our convenience or whatever strange contraption that Adam Sandler uses in 'Click'. We just have the future, so let's grasp it while we can and make the most of it. Ironically the Mastercard adverts got it right, time is 'Priceless'.

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Blogger Insomniac said...

It is so true!

Everything you've said about time, I never seem to have enough. I'm always running around doing things, working on assignments and rushing like a mad person that I never get to do what I really want. So, I have been inspired this weekend I am not going to do any homework, I will do everything this week, so my weekend will be free to hang with my much neglected friends.

great post! I'm loving all the poetry!

10 June 2010 at 23:23  
Blogger Jessica said...

I'm glad I inspired you :)
You deserve it!
Nearly every day in study leave I've made time to see somebody in the evening.
Work hard, play hard.
Thanks, it's nice to know someone is reading it!

10 June 2010 at 23:32  

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