Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Just a good mood

I actually love it when you're in a good mood. Nearly all of study leave, despite the fact that I've got exams and revision and such, my mood has improved vastly, but tonight I actually can't stop smiling.

After tea I went for a walk with Bethy, my closest girlfriend, well actually we call each other boyfriends, we're strange, but anyway. We ended up having a discussion about mental people, which has become a frequent topic of conversation. Basically, we've found that people of the opposite sex seem to be doing well, mental things, and we're always like ha they're weird and whatever and go on about how they should call the Samaritans. I'm sure anyone reading this has no idea what I'm on about, it being one of those things that only you and your best friend can understand, but I am coming to a point. Is there anyone that makes you do things you really wouldn't with anyone else? For example - text them a few times even without reply. Well, our point was, that if anyone does it to us we're like god they're weird or whatever kind of dismissive tone we use but then if we do it it's like no no it's completely different. It's weird how people affect us though. On the subject of Samaritans, there is a poster up near where we live which we've walked past saying call if you need help. I actually have no idea what they do and who would call them, so if anyone has any ideas on enlightening me on that - feel free! After our usual weird 'only we get it' kind of conversation we went on to talk about going to Ireland in the Summer. I went to Dublin a few years ago with my family and loved it and Bethy has wanted to go for a while. The people are just so friendly, like, if you were lost in London being all touristy with your map out no one would stop to ask if you needed directions, but in Ireland anyone is willing to help, it's amazing. I just really like the atmosphere there. Anyway, my Mum (clearly bored) text me whilst I was out telling me she'd found a hotel with flights near the centre of Dublin for £98, so we're booking that tomorrow night which is exciting 'whoa boyfriend run away times!!' as Bethy put it. But yeah, that put me in a really good mood because now I have a job I can afford to do things like that.

Then, being more productive than I, Bethy went back home and did some revision and I decided to go visit Joe who is like a few minute walk away from me which is always convenient when your best friends live near by so we went for a walk - surprise, surprise - and then went back to his to watch a film because it looked like it might rain or 'drain and rizzle' as I stupidly came out with. We started watching 'Pink Panther 2' at his choice... which... was crap so we put on 'What Happens in Vegas' predictable but always good. I remember seeing it at the cinema when it first came out and loving it so I was happy to watch it again. I usually get bored when I watch something for the 2nd time but I really didn't and it put me in a proper feel good mood. That's the thing about good books and films, you can be feeling like crap and you watch or read something feel good and it cheers you up instantly. So yeah, hence the really good mood. Okay, a little envious that I'm not all loved up and having some kind of happy ending like the fictional, perfect looking characters, but nevertheless, happy. Oh, and also made me want to visit Vegas one day, a lot.

Random thought also, anyone noticed how the supermarkets are now selling double strength squash now. I'm sorry, but if they had just done this in the first place then they could have stopped forking out for endless squash bottles which barely last the day in a family house hold. I just don't get why they didn't do it in the first place. I was thinking about it today when I was making my brother and I some squash, weird I know, but it's a fair point ha.

So yeah, actually getting revision done, walking, Dublin and What Happens in Vegas pretty much made my day. If only I was rich enough to upgrade to Vegas instead of Dublin!

Mmm Aston Kutcher.

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Blogger Insomniac said...

Haha, I loved that movie, and it never does get old, agreed about Ashton Kutcher, XD and what is Squash? I Live in Canada and have never come across it before.... Have fun in Dublin, I'm most definitely jealous. :)

10 June 2010 at 23:28  
Blogger Jessica said...

You don't know what Squash is?!
Like you put a bit in and fill the rest with water.
Canada must have squash :)
Mmm Aston Kutcher - good taste! Ha!
Thanks :) Booked it tonight! So excited.

10 June 2010 at 23:30  

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