Friday, 25 June 2010

Birds in walls

So this is going to be a random blog, full of well, random things from the week.

- I learnt what a samaritan does. Dan Rowling aka 'The Shrimpdude' (a fellow blogger) after reading a previous rambling blog of mine informed me that it is in fact someone that people call when they want to commit suicide. As not funny as the matter is, I can't help but smile at the fact the poster with the number on is pinned up at the BOTTOM of a bridge. It'd be a bit late then don't you think?

- I have something living in my walls. It's actually driving me crazy, last night I was shattered after work and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Instead there was a constant ruffling/munching/scratching kind of sound coming from my walls. The mother thinks it's a bird, I thought it might be a mouse. I don't really care. I just want it to be dead.

mmm, dead bird

- I like my job. I've been working there a few weeks now and I used to hate my old job. It makes a nice change to actually enjoy going to work, and I get paid. Always a bonus. I don't really like the old men saying 'what did you do to him you've knackered him out' about my best friend in an insinuating manner or the sort of crazy criminal guy who chats me up but I love Manny (one of the owners), the rest of the people I work with are cool and most of the locals amuse me. Good times really.

- I have made more colourful spider diagrams about American Politics than I ever want to make again in my life. They are currently swamping my room and I actually cannot wait to have my final exam on Wednesday 30th June and go out with my Boyfriend aka Bethy and drink, Scream and have an old school sleepover. Best sleepover ever was after Bethy's Rubik Cube party last year - now that was a funny.

Wow, we look young
'I wasn't even blonde then'

- I've had one of those weeks where I have been all over the place about pretty much everything and now I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel with Summer round the corner, but don't you just find that those last few steps are so hard to take? I'm making myself work as much as I can before I crash out on Wednesday but it just makes me so jealous of all the people who've finished already - damn you! Instead me and Bethy just sat musing on the park, watching planes and the moon get bigger and brighter whining about not being finished yet until we were joined by Park Chris and Coop guy, then we made a swift exit. Better than revision though. Oh and Bethy said she wants to 'you know be a police person' ie. a Police officer. So I'd watch out, because she'll arrest anyone for me as I've had her back in the past.

So yes, there's my five bullet points of random to round off my friday night. I am now going to engross myself in an episode of 'Teachers' which is currently amusing me, then just hope that whatever is in my walls withers and dies very soon.

So I typed in random, and well, this came up. Nice.

EURGH, this thing in my wall is driving me mental.

As I always share my poems ha, I just wrote this random one to my friend in a message, one of my masterpieces I think.

funnies funnies funnies for you
funnies to share like eating poo
or talking on parks with a muffin or 2
the park is fun they never knew :)

ALSO for anyone reading do SHUT and PUT rhyme? Feel free to comment your opinion, been having a debate about it tonight over la facebook. I told you this blog was random.

Trying to sleep but there is a sound,
a rustling, a scraching, forever around,
might be a bird, a rat or a fox?
might be a mouse or jack in his box.
talk to your wall as fran suggests,
or making a hole to let it free might be equally best,
just hope it sleeps and goes away
otherwise bethy'll be round to arrest it. HOOORAAAYYY :)

- By Bethy Would.

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Blogger aquarious_girl_547 said...

PUT SHUT DO RHYME. clearly if it doesnt they arent using english.
also the sounds in your walls you talk of, i hear them and if i find out what mine is i'll let you know. someone blatently cursed us.
i like it boyfriend how i appear in lots of those blogs. makes me sound a little dense but makes me laugh :)
your blogs are wierd as, nevertheless they keep me amused and i love them dear, thy are somewhat of a work of brilliance highlighing the worlds important issues :)

ps i like how you've written mmm dead bird. ahhh funny funny funny.
i love you imature boyfriend and your log in and blogin :)

26 June 2010 at 00:47  
Blogger Sachin said...

sounds like u've got some talent for poetry...and if u're really serious about developing not the man who can guide you with the process but i think if u read some of mine on it can give you some idea..

29 June 2010 at 08:49  

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