Monday, 14 June 2010

Unheavenly musing

So I was unfortunately awake at 3.14am this morning, okay, that sounds a bit pernickety with the preciseness of the time there but I heard what I thought was a moped on my street and thought hmm, odd time to be just riding about. So I looked out the window and saw the milkman. Then I thought, but I'm sure milk isn't supposed to be left out of the fridge for long? I can be pretty sure that that milk will have sat out there until at least 7. Screw milkmen, I don't want gone off milk. Maybe it doesn't, but I think I'll stick to milk from the Coop thanks.

Okay, so I wouldn't mind that milk man.

I had my General Studies exam this morning which wasn't actually as boring as I thought it might be. I had no idea what the format of the paper was going to be either, and I thought it was half multiple choice/half essay like last year... apparently not. Instead I was presented with 3 articles exploring modern surveillance in Britain for Section A and then had to answer 2 more essay questions from Section B and C. Strangely enough I'd been having a debate about the '1984' society which we seem to slowly progressing towards with Joe last week so that was easy to answer. 1984 is kind of like V for Vendetta, one of my favourite films. If you haven't watched it - it's a must. I then picked an essay about the beauty of the written word - easy for someone who loves writing and then there was a politics question about our current voting system - easy for a politics student. So I'm hoping for a good mark on that paper, to compensate for the crap one I'll get in the Science and Society paper - not my strong point.

Spent the rest of the day revising for my English exam tomorrow and wasting time on the phone - nothing new there. You see I'm a bit of a conversationist lover. I enjoy spending hours on the phone to amuse me in the early hours of the morning, chatting with people I'm close to about pointless rubbish to life changing scenarios. I find it hard to keep on top of my 600 minutes a month, but I'm getting better ha. I just find time passes so quickly when you're having good conversation and especially when I lack the ability to sleep, it's a nice way to kill some time.

I wrote another poem this evening:

Know the Unknown

Submerged painfully, unwontedly yet willingly
Grasping for air of thought barely left
Lifted but drowning, forced uncontrollably 
Brimming and bubbling in potion bereft.

For you have no hope nor permission of the will
No thought left untouched, a lavish escape
Cajoling, unrolling, a motion so still
Poison thy wine uncovered in grape.

Molten burns away from the chest
No cure, just release, we momentarily await
Withdrawing and draining left to digest
Who knows to what this could possibly equate.

A chastity thought unbound in the mind
A fate so cruel, sown to unwind
My unheavenly muse I'd long not to end
Meet and discard, I court none to contend.

Still musing on the title, so I shall probably add that later. Thoughts on it are appreciated as usual :) A bit of a ramble today but when exams are on my mind gets all jumbled. So, good bye for now.

- So it now has a title 'Know the Unknown' after a brief discussion with a friend, thanks boy.

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